From The Desk of John Richardson – Co-Chair

From The Desk of John Richardson – Co-Chair
September 29, 2014
As we reach the end of September it occurs to me that we are reaching the end of the first four months of active fundraising. I thought it would be good for the Directors of to create a blog to communicate with you easily and directly.
We live in exciting times. Our “Stop FATCA” project is certainly exciting. It is also exhausting and full of emotional “ups and downs”.
Our lawsuit started several years ago with an idea. It was an idea based on what “concerned Canadians” could/would do if the Government of Canada:
– Under threat of economic sanction “agreed” to implement FATCA in Canada (the Canada-U.S. FATCA IGA was signed on February 5, 2014); and
– Changed Canadian law (as per the IGA) to implement the U.S. FATCA legislation in Canada (the Government of Canada did this prior to the July 1, 2014 deadline).
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