Britain Playing Poodle to Uncle Sam For FATCA

British public footing a £1bn bill – to aid the US taxman

As of this month businesses and consumers face a multi-billion pound bill to satisfy new US tax laws: another case of Britain playing poodle to Uncle Sam?

Playing poodle? British businesses have spent years and hundreds of millions of pounds preparing for these new US tax rules

The Telegraph is telling Brits;

Your bank and investment provider are now officially working for the United States tax authorities – and you’re footing the £1bn bill.

Well, maybe the British are ahead of Canada.  Finance Canada and CRA do not seem to know how much FATCA will cost Canada.


1 thought on “Britain Playing Poodle to Uncle Sam For FATCA

  1. Lots of good comments. I especially like this one:
    “The Poodle analogy is misleading. Poodles may sniff your bottom but unlike HMRC they don’t tend to buttlick”

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