Angry Against America in London Ontario

Our Fourth of July Bash of FATCA and USA in London Ontario caught the attention of the local CTV station.They learned about the bash by one of my tweets and a link to Maple Sandbox.
It is fitting that the first public release and reading of the Maple Brock Sovereignty Alliance Declaration  of Independence happened in a London named by United Empire Loyalists for the London that was home to the King who caused the Revolutionary War for very similar reasons.
We were the lead story on the 6:00 news and will likely be on the 11:00 tonight.
Here is Angry Against America;
Reporter Sean Irvine captured the story well. What would normally be a 90 second story was expanded to over three minutes.  Sean reported on our plans to launch legal action and stressed we need $$$ first.
He also profiled our Declaration of Independence.

7 thoughts on “Angry Against America in London Ontario

  1. @Ecstatic: Good to see you posting here.
    I am trying to figure out who that old woman is who looks like my mother but has my voice. I do not remember inviting her!

  2. Lynn, You look fantastic, don’t know why you say those things. You are a great looking lady.
    I am very proud of you for all you do! Thank you very much! The word is really starting to get out now about FATCA, FINALLY!!

  3. Lynne, great job. You are fast becoming a recognized and respected voice against FATCA! I’m so proud of you. You came across very, very well – and you looked great 🙂 Thank you for putting yourself out there in the public eye, something that so many of us are afraid to do.  Kudos to the Chief Jingo!

  4. You looked great Lynne! I wished to come to your 4th of July bash but couldn’t afford the trip from the West Coast. I was there in spirit. Ironically, my financials mean that I am not a covered expat, however. One thing to be thankful for. It is wonderful that you have given FATCA so much publicity.
    You are one of a few who dare to come out of the shadows on FATCA. I am just beginning to speak more openly. Now I speak freely to my neighbors, healthcare providers, hairdresser, etc. about FATCA and my own situation. It is a shocker that most ordinary Canadians, without US connections, have no idea of what is happening. When they find out they are outraged.

  5. The line about outrage if China, Russia, Iran or Eritrea was doing it is becoming a bit stale to me, but it was the soundbite the reporter took from an interview of several minutes–so it connected with him and hopefully with the viewers.
    Phone has been busy today with panicked callers.

  6. @Lynne, don’t worry. It’s only familiar to us – it will be something new to the people just waking up to the FATCA travesty. It’s something that resonates – it underscores the fact that although the US is our southern neighbour they are still a foreign country. And that the US is being a bully and our govt scurried to comply like frightened little weasels.

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