Global News TV Reports on FATCA! Finally!

Finally, FATCA hits TV news!
Early this morning I caught a portion on Global News Calgary TV about FATCA, with short interviews/quotes by John Richardson and Arthur Cockfield and an accountant whose name I didn’t manage to catch.
However, I can’t find any reference to it on their website.I don’t know if the interview clips were from the previous interviews with BNN, or were new for Global News.
Anyone have any more information?
Interview Clips Updated video link here

6 thoughts on “Global News TV Reports on FATCA! Finally!

  1. U.S. Expat Canada @USExpatCanada · 57m
    John Richardson & Arthur Cockfield on Global News National #FATCA
    US Law will be Paid 4 by all Canadians
    The accountant’s name is John Lunn. I also am curious about the other fellow, Ian Lee of Carleton University.

  2. Thanks OutragedCanadian for alerting us. I watched the video following the link posted thanks to NobleDreamer on ISB. It is inspiring to have such media coverage with John Richardson and Arthur Cockfield on Global News.

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