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Dropping the F (FATCA) Bomb (The Economist)

Why bother with bombs when you have FATCA?

Here is an article from The Economist Tax Evasion Dropping the Bomb.

As we know, the US has threatened to use FATCA as a WMD (Weapon of Monetary Destruction. Thanks JustMe–aka FATCA_Fallout–for coining that term two years ago) as a sanction against Russia because of the Ukraine.

You could call #FATCA the new WMD, or Weapon of Money Destruction.

Now, in what The Economist describes as a tasteless joke, it was suggested Obama might do the same to Iraq:

Barack Obama, he claimed, was drawing a red line around the city and, if necessary, would “drop FATCA on them”. Worse, they would get no deadline extension. The nuclear option, he added, was to treat them as if they were Swiss.

As many of you know, I have been calling FATCA Foreign Attack to Control All for two years.

FATCA is not about taxes. It is about power, control and punishment of people, financial institutions and countries around the world-including those whom the U.S. should consider allies.

The U.S. is literally dropping the F Bomb on the entire world–with the complicity of what we once thought were countries that stood for some fundamental basic values.


Fourth of July USA and FATCA Bashing in London Ontario

Anyone feel like some Fourth of July USA and FATCA bashing in London Ontario July 4?

A few of us are getting together at my condo for lunch.  One person said she will bring a US flag to burn. I don’t think that is safe in my condo, but there is a park right across the street.

If there are just a few of us, we can do it in my condo. If there are more,the social room in my building holds about 20.  Any more than that and we will need to figure out a different location.

It may be potluck. I don’t cook, but I can pick some stuff up from Remark.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at maplesandbox at yahoo dot ca for details and to let me know you are coming.


Harper Government Cedes Our Sovereignty on Canada’s Birthday

Please distribute this far and wide.
We need the media to pay attention to this story.
Please download this Press Release PDF and send it out to your Local Papers, TV and Radio Stations!
Tweet and post on Facebook!
We need people to wake up and join the Legal Challenge, but they won’t do so unless they know what is happening to our country.


Problems in Sandbox

You may be having problems logging in to Maple Sandbox.  Even I had issues yesterday.  I have alerted Outraged.  I have not heard back from her, but I’m sure she will do her best to fix it as soon as she can.

If you are not having a problem, could you post here and let me know. If you are having a problem, please bear with us.

Many apologies.


Tax-News Article on House of Commons Vote

Tax-News, a global tax publication, has published Canadian House of Commons Votes To Help IRS Seize Bank Records of Canadians 

“Why do our most heinous criminals have more Charter rights than I do?” asks this Canadian police officer who has protected Canadians for over three decades.

The article by Lynne Swanson also quotes Stephem Kish responding to a statement that appeared in Tax-News:

“I cannot believe that the Investment Funds Institute of Canada actually “commends” the Canadian government (Tax-News June 17, 2014) for an agreement that makes discrimination against one group for Canadian citizens mandatory based on place of birth, sacrifices  fundamental rights of one million Canadians, and surrenders Canadian sovereignty to a foreign bully,” says Dr. Stephen Kish, Chair of ADCS Board of Directors.

Dr. Kish also says:


“We will fight this violation of Canada’s constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to protect our rights and stop this imposition of American law on Canada.