Harper Government Cedes Our Sovereignty on Canada's Birthday

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We need people to wake up and join the Legal Challenge, but they won’t do so unless they know what is happening to our country.

7 thoughts on “Harper Government Cedes Our Sovereignty on Canada's Birthday

  1. As Canada Day approaches, along with the beginning of the official IRS FATCA hunt,I found something of interest about the cost/benefit ratio of the US FATCA legislation.
    The following is take from today’s Newsweek article:
    “But will it increase tax revenues? Not necessarily. The compliance cost of Fatca to financial institutions alone has been roughly estimated at $8 billion a year, approximately ten times the amount of tax revenue estimated to be raised ($792m). Strangely, Fatca was not subject to a cost/benefit analysis by the Committee on Ways and Means.”
    Here is the link:
    Somehow I don’t think the United States will be very well liked for this or financially better off.

  2. Happy Canada Day? This year I have mixed feelings. On June 28, I sent the second press release to the Vancouver Sun. They did nothing with the first press release. However the following articles were published on June 24 and June 27, 2014:
    As Don Cayo states:
    ” Uncle Sam is poised to poke his pointy nose into the financial affairs of millions of Canadians who have no connection to his country, and — no matter how distasteful you find this — pushing back will only make it worse.”
    Clearly, the Vancouver Sun publishes the position that compliance is the best option and does not favor a Charter Challenge. I don’t think I will be needing their paper in the future. When faced with a bully, its best to choose faith and courage over fear.

  3. cross-posted from IBS:
    I forwarded the press release to Paul Dewar, my MP and NDP Foreign Affairs Critic.
    Today I received the following email reply from Paul:
    “Thank you for sharing this press release with me. My colleagues and I will continue to hold the government to account on this issue. I am sure we will also be raising it during the next election as a prime example of the Conservatives’ failure to protect the privacy rights of Canadians, and their disregard for our national sovereignty.”
    So, watch and wait for this to be an election issue to be raised by the NDP next year. This ain’t going away, Stevie Boy. It will bite you in the behind, big-time, I deeply hope. And hundreds if not thousands of Brockers and Sandboxers will be in the weeds snapping away at your and your candidates’ sorry butts over this during the next election campaign. If the courts haven’t thrown it out already under the charter challenge.

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