Patrick Cain Article "Appalled, incredulous and angry"

On the Global Calgary website, I ran across a new article by Patrick Cain, called  ‘Appalled, incredulous and angry’: Canadians slam law giving IRS personal info
“More than 100 people wrote to the federal Finance Department in February and March slamming a new Canadian law that would require banks to give the IRS  financial information of clients with apparent U.S. citizenship.
They got no response from Ottawa.”

‘Appalled, incredulous and angry’: Canadians slam law giving IRS personal info

He mentions several letters, as well as the detailed analysis by Allison Christians and Arthur Cockfield.
Let’s hope this is just the first of many such articles laying out the truth of what the Conservatives have done.
(Do I detect an undertone of outrage and sympathy?  Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?)

6 thoughts on “Patrick Cain Article "Appalled, incredulous and angry"

  1. Great to see the Cain article and G&M editorial However, one does have the feeling of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.
    At least these items can help spread the word about ADCS.

  2. Lynne and outragedCanadian,
    Does Patrick Cain know about the over 400 pages of submissions against FATCA that you got via Access to Info?
    And know the info in the great MS post ‘Here is What Canadians Said on FATCA IGA. The Cons Didn’t Listen’?
    Wouldn’t hurt to give sympathetic journalist that heads up, along with the redacted results from the previous Access request (where even the titles of the reports and documents were marked out).

  3. Grateful thanks Lynne for all your efforts. Brilliant to think of obtaining the submissions and blogging about them, and sharing what you uncovered.

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