House of Commons Votes to Help U.S. IRS Seize Bank Records of Canadians. Bill C31 Passes – FATCA is Now the Law in CANADA!

Maple Sandboxers! Please distribute this far and wide. We need the media to pay attention to this story.
Please download this Press Release PDF and send it out to your Local Papers, TV and Radio Stations! Tweet and post on Facebook!
We need people to wake up and join the Legal Challenge, but they won’t do so unless they know what is happening to our country.
ADCS-ADSC Press Release
Here is the .PNG version for Twitter and Facebook posting (please “save image” to download the .png) and attach to your Twitter and Facebook posts:

11 thoughts on “House of Commons Votes to Help U.S. IRS Seize Bank Records of Canadians. Bill C31 Passes – FATCA is Now the Law in CANADA!

  1. What a disgrace to the Harper government. We can understand that the US is the big bully here and that FATCA is being perpetrated world wide. But to let the bully get away with this is not the answer. Thank you GwEvil for the press release. I will be sending it to my newspaper.
    I thought my situation was bad enough. To think that Canadian Cop, a police officer for over 30 years, is caught in the IRS drag net is unbelievable. We need to keep fighting FATCA and the IGA.

  2. Ok So this is now uploaded to the ADCS website, but I recommend people download the PDF and send as an attachment.

  3. I spoke with the editor at Vancouver Sun paper here in BC and sent her the news release as a PDF attachment by email. She sounds interested so we’ll see what happens.

  4. I think it was very clever to use Canadian Cop to illustrate the absurd situation of some who will be affected.
    Well done.

  5. I sent a copy of the press release to my local paper the London Free Press. I also sent it to Sarnia Observer, Chatham Daily News and Windsor Star editors as they are border cities.

  6. Sault Ste. Marie ON (where I grew up) is also a border town, with the twin Soo (sault ste marie michigan). I sent the press release to the Sault Star.

  7. I delivered the pdf on a memory stick, by hand, on foot, to our local newspaper today — no promises but IF they decide to use it as a LTTE they said they would not use my name. Fingers crossed. BTW, good touch using Canadian Cop’s story because it is so compelling.

  8. There always seems to be something else going on when we hit a FATCA critical point, like the Winter Olympics back in February when the IGA was signed, the Ontario elections when the House of Commons voted to pass the enabling legislation, and soon Canada Day when FATCA comes into effect. It is hard to get media attention for FATCA when other ‘exciting’ things are happening at the same time.

  9. On a technical matter:
    A bill becomes law only after being signed by the Governor General. It comes into force a) on a date indicated in the bill, or b) by order-in-council (i.e. decided by cabinet, typically done this way to allow regulations to be drafted and in place), or if neither a) nor b) then c) when the bill becomes law.

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