Betrayed! Cons Pass FATCA Act in House of Commons

The Cons did it.  The FATCA Act passed third reading yesterday in the House of Commons 148-94.
Both Elizabeth May and Murray Rankin have confirmed the FATCA portion was passed as part of C31 and it now moves to the Senate for a vote (likely just a formality. Then, on to the Governor General for another formality of Royal Ascent.
Thanks Hazy for the recorded vote How do you think all the Cons voted? If anyone had any question what they think of us, it is now confirmed.
“Congress has spoken” in Canada’s Parliament.

9 thoughts on “Betrayed! Cons Pass FATCA Act in House of Commons

  1. When someone is recorded as not voting, does that mean the person was not there or that he/she withheld a vote for some reason? I ask because Chris Charlton is recorded as not voting, and I went to speak to her in person, and she assured me of her support…

  2. @ Suki
    The most likely scenario is that the MP was not present. It is possible to abstain, but the vote would be recorded as such.

  3. I was listening to CBC (tv) news this morning and they’re trying to analyze why the Liberals won such a majority in Ontario. They’re talking about all kinds of things, but not FATCA. Personally, I don’t doubt that what the Cons have done to our constitutional rights played a role in the Liberal win.

  4. @Outraged: I would like to believe FATCA played a role in the Con defeat in Ontario. However, most Ontarians have never heard of FATCA. The few who have don’t care unless they are directly affected by it.
    A better explanation is most Ontarians loath Tim Hudak (including long time Cons). When it came to a choice of Hudak or Wynne, they went with Kathleen Wynne.

  5. My husband’s bank has already started updating their documents to find out who is a “US Person”. Does anyone know what happens if you DON’T have a SSN? Will they close your account?

  6. @Alien: Our understanding is the banks will not be closing accounts.  That is in the terms of the IGA. However, CRA may fine a person $100 per year for failure to provide a SSN.  If you financial institution learns you are a “US person,” they may pass the information about the account to CRA to pass on to the IRS without your husband’s consent.
    Which bank is doing this?  Is it the bank itself or is it the investment arm of a bank? We have had reports of the investment arms doing this, but I think this is the first we have seen of an actual bank if that is who is doing it.
    What is your husband’s citizenship situation? Is he a Canadian citizen?  How did he become a citizen–i.e. is he a naturalized Canadian or does he have Canadian citizenship through one or both parents?  When did he become a Canadian citizen?
    As you may be aware, we are in the process of raising funds for a legal challenge to FATCA. However, we expect that could take years to wind its way through the court.
    Anyone directly affected by this may want to consider a complaint through the Canadian Human Rights Commission or the Privacy Commissioner. It is difficult to say how they might rule because the Act that passed the House of Commons last week prevails over all other Canadian laws.You do not require a lawyer to do that, but the process can be long and stressful.
    If I received notification demanding that information, that would be my first step. You do not require a lawyer to do that.
    Please note, I am not a lawyer nor an accountant and this is not legal advice. I am simply sharing some of what I have personally learned over the past three years.

  7. Watch this You Tube video of the the House of Commons June 11. (Thanks Deckard for pulling this clip.).
    At 2:52. NDP MP Mike Sullivan asks “Do we really want to help a foreign government tax Canadian citizens?”
    He gets some of the facts wrong about Calgary411’s son wrong. But, around  4:40, he raises the issue of Calgary411’s son.
    Listen to the raucous laughter and heckling from the Cons.  If anyone even thinks about voting Con in 2015, listen to this and to the Finance Committee statements and please remember the disdain they have shown to all of us, and especially towards Calgary411’s Canadian-born mentally challenged son.
    Elizabeth May raises the Charter issue around 13:40:

    I ask if my hon. colleague would agree with me that we will see this FATCA before the Supreme Court of Canada where, once again, one of the current administration’s laws will go down to defeat.

    Mike Sullivan replies:

    Mr. Speaker, yes, this is yet another bill that is likely to find its way to the Supreme Court at some point and be ruled ineffective and that it is not possible to have this bill, particularly the FATCA portion of it. That is something we face, apparently, almost on a daily basis. The government brings forward laws that are in violation of Canada’s charter and Constitution and, in fact, of other laws that the government supposedly wants to uphold, like privacy laws.


    We just cannot continue this way. We cannot be bringing forward laws that are not in compliance with the other laws of this country.

    We need to show the Cons that Ms. May and Mr. Sullivan are right. We need to take this all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. We need your help to do that by donating to the ADCS fund.

  8. Thanks for posting the abbreviated video that Deckard created and placed on the Isaac Brock Society YouTube channel — and to Deckard for doing that. Feel free to distribute the ugly display of ignorance far and wide. (As Deckard mentioned, this is the start of the election campaign.)
    Here is the link to an email letter sent by Mr. A, on that Conservative MP behaviour recorded for all Canadians to see/hear:

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