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“Anybody Else Getting” The FATCA Call?

Telephone Call


Has anyone received the FATCA call from their bank, investment firm or other financial institution?

Johnnb posted the following under  What’s New, but it definitely needs its own thread:


In a previous post I described how my wife and I decided to get our (backdated to 1973) CLNs. We applied in January of 2012 and the CLNs arrived in July 2012. We promptly made copies and gave one to our financial advisor at Scotia McLeod.

Last week we got a phone call from our financial advisor saying we now had to provide our old US social security number (haven’t got a clue what they were) and fill out a W8-BEN. Told her we weren’t filling out any US IRS forms ever again.

She then informed me that she has been instructed to call every person on her client list and ask each and every one of them five questions:
Are you a US citizen?
Were you born in the US?
Did you reside in the US for more than 183 days last year?
Two others that I missed because she was going so fast.

She said she was amazed to find so many of her clients who had ties to the US!

Anybody else getting this type of call?

We’ve missed you Johnnb.  Good to see you back–but not with this information. Thanks for sharing.

Interview with John Richardson

John Richardson was interviewed for a story on FATCA that will air on AMI on Sunday May 25 at 7:00 and 10:00 pm.

From AMI:

“May 25: Under the controversial US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act all non-US financial institutions, including Canadian banks, must make information known about financial accounts owned by US expatriates. Some have called the legislation an infringement of Canadian sovereignty. Toronto lawyer John Richardson discusses the legislation and his reasons for opposing it.”

Our FATCA Briefs Are Showing

Our FATCA briefs are finally showing at the Parliament of Canada website about Bill C31.

These are comprehensive and well-thought out and presented. They tell the real human story behind FATCA, provide excellent analysis and offer solutions.

There may be more to come after they are translated, but this is a great start.

Most importantly, these convey one overriding message:

We are Canadian!

Well done everyone!  Together we can make a difference.

Not all of the briefs are about FATCA. The ones that are 58kb are all on trademark. A few of the others are on trademark or other issues.

Thanks to Em over at Brock for realizing these were posted on Victoria Day.