Interview with John Richardson

John Richardson was interviewed for a story on FATCA that will air on AMI on Sunday May 25 at 7:00 and 10:00 pm.
From AMI:

“May 25: Under the controversial US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act all non-US financial institutions, including Canadian banks, must make information known about financial accounts owned by US expatriates. Some have called the legislation an infringement of Canadian sovereignty. Toronto lawyer John Richardson discusses the legislation and his reasons for opposing it.”

8 thoughts on “Interview with John Richardson

  1. @Outraged: In his testimony, John also said it is “absolutely essential” FATCA “never ever ever” includes anyone who is a Canadian citizen.

  2. An excellent interview. It should be mandatory listening for all MP’s.
    As I was listening to it I thought that maybe Canada should start a tourism and snowbird and overall economic boycott of the U.S. until such time as the U.S. ceases CBT in Canada.
    Canadians must realize that the protection of Canada’s economic, constitutional and currency sovereignty is at stake. In other words the rights of the U.S. government end where the rights of the Canadian government begin. The 2tax systems are totally incompatible and CBT is a violation of all protections against double taxation.
    The U.S. should not be allowed to do what it always does which is to weasel out of its agreements by inventing its own definitions. Treaties are not treaties is they are unilaterally imposed. Instead they are terms of surrender.

  3. This was one of the best interviews I have heard on FATCA–both the interviewer and the interviewee.
    It was good to hear they will follow the legal challenge.
    I just wish they had a large listening audience.
    Other news outlets could really learn from this.

  4. Also agree it was excellent. a pleasure to listen to.. The interviewer was very respectful of John.
    On another note, I’m sure everyone will be sorry to hear that Gerald Keddy, MP has decided not to run in the next election.
    We’ll all miss his intelligent and insightful questions about FATCA and which Americans in Canada will be affected by it.

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