Happy Victoria Day Canada. "We Are Not Interested in the Possibilities of Defeat."

Happy Victoria Day!   As we celebrate this glorious holiday with family and friends, let us remember Queen Victoria’s words in our FATCA battle.

“We are not interested in the  possibilities of defeat. They do not exist to us.”

Queen Victoria

6 thoughts on “Happy Victoria Day Canada. "We Are Not Interested in the Possibilities of Defeat."

  1. Happy Victoria Day to my favourite Victoria:  Victoria Ferauge in France.
    For the last three years, Victoria has never wavered in her fight on the FATCA front even as she has waged her own battle against cancer.
    I am proud to call Victoria my cyber friend and co-author.
    I hope Victoria Day brings good health, strength, love and friendship to Victoria.

  2. Victoria Ferauge is, indeed, an inspiration. She has a very interesting blog, called the Franco-American Flophouse.
    I’ve read that Queen Victoria was instrumental in voting reforms in the UK, which empowered the people in voting, including the introduction of casting secret ballots so that people couldn’t be pressured or identified with their vote.
    Too bad our Canadian government seems bent on taking a step backward to the pre-1860’s by allowing the formation of a second class of Canadians and then informing on those Canadian citizens to a foreign govt.

  3. If you want to start a thread please do. This is explicit Canadian definition that you do not have to do 8854 for you become an non American person.
    All you need is a CLN,
    This is explicit
    If a financial institution wants to provide more instructions in
    connection with the question of where the individual resides for tax purposes,it may explain that a U.S. citizen is, in all cases, a U.S. person even if that individual also resides in Canada or another country. Non-U.S. citizens may take into account the application of any relevant tax convention in answering the question of where they reside for tax purposes.”
    page 103
    This back up
    ee)The term“U.S. Person”means
    (1)a U.S. citizen or resident individual,”
    page 7 of FATCA
    The USA treasury may still consider you an American for tax purposes even if you have not completed 8854 but Canada IGA says you are not a USA person for tax purposes when you get a CLN. Of course there is still that damn rule from the 1995 USA Canada tax treaty for collection of people who recently became Canadians.

  4. I agree with you Lynne, on Victoria Day wishing “our” Victoria all the best for her future. I am enthralled with her writing and follow her blog every week.
    Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful day today!

  5. Oh my goodness – thank you. For the kind words about the blog and for the good wishes. Right back at you, Lynne. You are incredible, my dear, and I am so proud to know you.

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