CPAC-Finance Committee May 13th and 14th meetings

For those who want to watch the May 13th Finance committee meetings on CPAC, the May 13th meeting will be broadcast at 5 PM ET on Saturday, May 17.
The May 14th meeting will be broadcast on Saturday, May 24 at 5 PM ET
Thanks to CPAC Viewer Services for providing me with this information.
For a more permanent record of the meetings,  go to the Isaac Brock Society blog and click on the Youtube icon.

4 thoughts on “CPAC-Finance Committee May 13th and 14th meetings

  1. The May 14th meeting has not yet been broadcast on CPAC. The Royal Tour is taking priority.
    For a permanent link to the meetings ( for those who don’t already know)
    go to:
    This link also provides a separate video of Lynne Swanson’s appearance at the May 13th hearing, which independent analysis ( my wife), says was the best part of the meeting.

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