Canadians: Give Your #FATCA Briefs To Finance Committee

Canadians:  Make your voices heard at Finance Committee. Give the Committee your briefs!
In preparing my own brief for testifying next week, I learned all Canadians can submit briefs to the Finance Committee–not just those of us who will testify.
Here is what the Clerk of the Finance Committee replied to me when I asked:

Anyone can submit a brief on Bill C-31.  While there is no set date it would be best to get it into us at as soon as possible so we can have the briefs translated and distributed to the Members of the Committee before the begin Clause-by-Clause.

Here are the government’s Guidelines for Preparing Briefs. The Clerk of the Finance Committee has advised briefs must be limited to five pages.
I know many of you already made submissions to Finance Canada in 2012 and again when the IGA was announced.  However, those submissions are not being shared with the Finance Committee or with Parliament.
So, if you want those making the decisions to know what you have to say:  Give them your briefs.
This should be in your own words. Many of you will be able to adapt the submission you already made.
I have two suggestions:
1. Emphasize you are Canadian!
2. If you support the proposed amendment, include it in your brief.
“Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or the Agreement, for all purposes related to the implementation of this Act and the Agreement, “US Person” and “Specified US Person” shall not include any person who is a Canadian citizen or legal permanent resident who is  ordinarily resident in Canada.”
There is no deadline for this, but clearly, the sooner the better. It may be submitted in either English or French and will be translated. If you speak both languages, you could submit in both.
Tell them what you think.  Give Finance Committee your briefs!

7 thoughts on “Canadians: Give Your #FATCA Briefs To Finance Committee

  1. @Lynne/Blaze
    I sent my brief this morning although only in English as French is not one of my talents. It included support for the amendment as well. Best wishes with your testimony for the Finance Committee. May the force be with us.

  2. It was a nice change to receive an email back from a real person. The FINA Committee Assistant confirmed that my brief would be translated and distributed to Committee Members.

  3. I’m delighted people are sending those briefs. Keep it up. We need to make our voices heard.

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