@MurrayRankin @GuyCaronNDP & @NathanCullen On #FATCA Attack Again e FATCA Again

NDP members Murray Rankin and Guy Caron were on the FATCA Attack in Question Period again today.
Rankin:  “..Experts have warned this deal may not even be constitutional, but the Conservatives are rushing it through…Can the Minister explain why this complex bill must be hidden from proper scrutiny…because he knows it’s a bad deal for Canadians?”
Oliver:   “…Agreement addresses these concerns…”
Umm. No Joe, it doesn’t.
Caron:   “….Canadians want to know if their private information will be protected.  We don’t even know at this point if #FATCA is constitutional…”
Oliver:   Rah. Rah. Rah.
Does anyone else have the sense even Oliver and the other Cons don’t believe their own Con games?  In fact, they seem to hate defending it. Even the trained seals don’t seem to be able to do their clapping routine very well on this one.
Plus, “with the concerns of constituents filling up their inboxes and voicemail,” NDP demanded the Conservatives get FATCA out of the budget bill.
Nathan Cullen:

“Compare the lack of effort on FATCA to the massive effort on lobbying for Keystone. The Canadian government has spent millions of dollars and all hands of deck in Washington at our embassy and at every forum they can find to lobby for a pipeline that’s going to export 40,000 jobs,” he said.
“Here we have an agreement that’s going to affect a million Canadians… anybody who used a bank or a credit union in Canada — it’s going to cost them money. And the effort has been absent.


5 thoughts on “@MurrayRankin @GuyCaronNDP & @NathanCullen On #FATCA Attack Again e FATCA Again

  1. Financial Post has picked up on the NDP’s efforts.

  2. Nice to see that the NDP is looking at FATCA now.
    Ironic it is though, that given the right to vote in the States, I dare say that each one of those guys would have voted for that part of the American political spectrum that gave FATCA to the world.

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