2014 IRS Survey of Individuals Living Abroad – Maple Sandbox has it

As previously reported by the IRS, and several other sites, the IRS sent a survey to about 4,000 individuals ‘living abroad’, “regardless of whether or not you have filed a U.S. federal income tax return while living abroad.” This is being done through an independent survey firm, ICF.

(Updated)We have been requested to provide a specific link to the survey:
The IRS did it last year as well, and the 2012 survey results are available:
According to the Taxpayers Advocate Service 2013 Annual Report to Congress,
“The IRS has also contracted with an independent consultant to survey 4,000 individuals residing abroad who the IRS believes have U.S. filing requirement and did not file a return. The survey, to be conducted by mail and online, will “focus on why some individuals living abroad do not file a tax return, their awareness of certain tax provisions and forms specific to International Taxpayers, and how the IRS can encourage voluntary compliance among this population.” 
There is a lot to consider in this survey, and its ramifications, and much that I suspect people will find, at the least, questionable. Section 4E has 11 multiple choice questions around CBT, filing returns, etc. Section 4H is asking for ‘thoughts’ on what the IRS has done well, or how the IRS can “improve in communicating whether income earned outside the US is subject to US federal taxes”.
I am very, very curious to read the comments that this survey will generate!
(A password is required to access the survey).
Personally, I’m very interested to know if anyone who has never filed a U.S. tax return, and who thinks they should be filing, actually fills out the survey.

10 thoughts on “2014 IRS Survey of Individuals Living Abroad – Maple Sandbox has it

  1. @OutragedCanadian
    Personally, I am thrilled that I did not receive an IRS survey. Perhaps this means I am still under the radar. I can’t wait to relinquish shortly. John Richardson is correct – they are only after our money although most of us don’t owe them anything. US citizenship has become toxic. The poor people who got those surveys can assume that the IRS knows where to find them.

  2. LOL – while the IRS is trying to find so-called ‘US persons’ who are not in compliance, according to the Washington Times, they gave bonuses and awards to their own employees who were not in compliance!
    More than 1,100 IRS employees with federal “tax compliance problems” received more than $1 million in cash awards and more than 10,000 hours in time-off awards.
    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/22/bonuses-given-to-irs-employes-who-owed-back-taxes/#ixzz30PG6mRGh

  3. @PatCanadian – me, too! I would be over-the-top angry if I got one, since I left there as a six year old and haven’t had anything to do with them since (except some vacations). I’ve just decided that I’m going to have to relinquish as well, I hadn’t wanted to go through the bureaucratic hoops to get my CLN, but now that our govt and our banks are betraying us, I’ve decided I need to.  Do keep us posted so that we can congratulate you when you’re free and clear!

  4. I just found out it will take longer than I thought to obtain loss of US nationality. Beware of changes at US Consulate in Vancouver. I booked an appointment online for mid-May. Received a call from the Consulate stating they changed the appointment procedures and no longer accept online appointments. They gave me a different appointment for mid-June, the first available for CLN’s. Perhaps they are getting backed up with relinquishments and renunciations.
    Let us know how you relinquishment goes as well Outraged Canadian.

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