Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (ADCS)/L'Alliance pour la défense de la souveraineté canadienne (ADSC) is established in Canada/est créée au Canada

We have now incorporated a Canadian non-profit organization with Corporations Canada:

“Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (ADCS)/L’Alliance pour la défense de la souveraineté canadienne (ADSC)”

ADCS/ADSC is not affiliated with any other organization.
The present Board Directors are listed below. Other individuals critical in setting up ADCS/ADSC are Gwendolyn Brock, K. Badger, and many others. Lynne Swanson will chair the legal challenge committee.

The overall purpose of the Corporation is to defend Canadian sovereignty and protect all persons in Canada from the attempts of other countries to impose their “extra-territorial legislation” on Canada.

Its immediate objective is to fund a legal challenge to oppose changes in Canadian laws that would impose the U.S. FATCA law on all people in Canada.
Given that the Canadian government has extensive financial resources (courtesy of the taxpayers of Canada), significant monies need to be raised. We are counting on your support.
Stephen Kish (Chair)
John Richardson (co-Chair)
Patricia Moon (Secretary/Treasurer)
Carol Tapanila (Director)
Nous avons maintenant constitué une organisation canadienne à but non lucratif auprès de Corporations Canada :

“Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (ADCS)/L’Alliance pour la défense de la souveraineté canadienne (ADSC)”

ADCS/ADSC n’est pas affiliée avec aucune autre organisation.
Les noms des administrateurs du conseil actuels apparaissent ci-dessous.  D’autres  individus indispensables à la création d’ADCS/ADSC sont Gwendolyn Brock, K. Badger et plusieurs autres.  Lynne Swanson sera la présidente du comité responsable de la contestation judiciaire.

Le but global de l’organisation est de défendre la souveraineté canadienne et de protéger toute personne au Canada face aux tentatives de pays étrangers d’imposer leurs « lois à portée extraterritoriale » au Canada. 

Son but immédiat est de lever les fonds nécessaires pour opposer tout changement aux lois canadiennes qui imposerait la loi américaine FATCA à tout individu au Canada.
Étant donné les vastes ressources financières du gouvernement canadien (gracieuseté des contribuables du Canada), nous devons recueillir des sommes considérables.   Votre appui nous est indispensable.
Stephen Kish (Président),
John Richardson (Vice-Président),
Patricia Moon (Secrétaire/Trésorière)
Carol Tapanila (Administrateur)

30 thoughts on “Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty (ADCS)/L'Alliance pour la défense de la souveraineté canadienne (ADSC) is established in Canada/est créée au Canada

  1. @ LynneBlaze
    Thank you to everyone who helped form the new organization.
    To what Court will the challenge first be brought?

  2. @All
    We could not open a new bank account etc, until we had approval from the govt for the corporation. Thank you so much for your immediate, enthusiastic support! We are working to get everthing in place.
    In the meantime, for any Facebookers or Twitterites, kindly follow/like our new sites (images are temporary):

  3. @Hazy: The credit for the Alliance goes to others. My involvement will be focused on legal challenge as I think that is where my skills and energies can best be used.
    @Outraged:  I read in an article about Joe Arvay that Harper ended the funding for Court Challenges Program a few years ago (Surprise, Surprise!)
    Also, Wikipedia
    and Voices-Voix
    indicate CCP no longer operates.
    But the website in your link suggested they still are operating. I phoned their number, but received a message the mail box is full and I could not leave a message.  I sent an e-mail and will let you know if I get a reply.
    I have also contacted Canadian Constitutional Federation by phone, e-mail and using their form over the last few weeks. I have not had a reply.

  4. @Hazy:  I can’t open it. I’ve never been able to open anything from that website. Does anyone know if I need specific software?
    I hope there will be a transcript available tomorrow. Good they at least noticed they got e-mails relating to this and mentioned the Charter Challenge.

  5. Thanks Hazy. I  was able to open and watch that one.
    They read our e-mails or at least some of them, but I am not reassured.
    The Chair, Joseph Day said clearly the government of Canada is “aiding and abetting” the Americans by “finding a way around” Canadian laws.
    Later, he said he hoped some Canadians would be “reassured” by what they heard.  Guess what? I’m not.  I don’t know how anyone could be.

  6. Thanks Hazy.  This time I had no difficulty watching it.
    Here is what I just sent to the members of the Senate Finance Committee.

    I watched the videos of Officials of Finance Canada testifying before you on the FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement.  Mr. Day,  I heard you say you hoped the information provided would put some Canadians “at ease.”
    As a Canadian citizen for 41 years, I was not in any way put “at ease.” In fact, another comment you made was far more accurate.
    You stated the Canadian government is “aiding and abetting” the United States determination to seize private financial records of Canadian citizens and records by “finding a way around” Canadian laws.  This is an outrageous assault on the integrity, privacy and financial information of Canadians.  It is also unthinkable that the Canadian government would override Canadian laws and rights of Canadian citizens on the demands of a foreign power. Would we allow China, Russia, Iran, Eritrea or India to do this to Canadians born in those countries?
    One official said the banks ‘are much more at peace” with the IGA.  A Senator suggested “Maybe we need to hear from the banks.”
    I suggest there is a far more important group you need to hear from. You need to hear from Canadians who are most directly affected by FATCA. I ask you to invite some of us to testify before you.  I can assure you we are not ‘much more at peace” with this Act.  It is alarming our privacy rights and those of our Canadian-born spouses and business partners are being surrendered by our Canadian government “aiding and abetting” a foreign government’s demands to seize our private financial records.
    I again ask you to support and put forth the amendment to the Act that I suggested:
    “Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or the Agreement, for all purposes related to the implementation of this Act and the Agreement, “US Person” and “Specified US Person” shall not include any person who is a Canadian citizen or legal permanent resident who is  ordinarily resident in Canada.”(

    I also ask you to amend the Act with the removal of Section 4 (1) which allows this law to override all other Canadian laws, including banking, privacy and human rights laws.
    All of my comments in the two messages below still stand.  I also urge you to review the submissions I attached.
    Please invite Professors Christians and Cockfield to testify before you, in addition to hearing directly from Canadians affected by FATCA

  7. Cross comment from Isaac Brock:
    The following was sent to Members of the Senate National Revenue
    Committee — by email, from me but with CONSIDERABLE input from Anne Frank and included the amendment that Blaze had previously submitted: (a link to April 30 – Members of the Senate National Revenue Committee letter @ Isaac Brock link above)

  8. Glad to see a group challenging, under the Charter of Rights, Bill C-31, the law permitting Canadian acquiescence as demanded by the USA. Discrimination based on national original is specifically prohibited.
    But, did you also know that C-31 is in conflict with the Canada-US tax treaty? The Canada-US tax treaty has a non-discrimination Article XXV which applies “to all taxes imposed by a Contracting State”. This Article states that US citizens resident-in-Canada are not to be exposed to more burdensome taxation than Canadian citizens resident-in-Canada. In spite of this Article, there’s extensive discrimination against US citizens by the IRS.
    There’s also a third basis on which to challenge C-31. Deemed US citizens, born and residing outside the USA, and their 100% Canadian spouses, are exposed to both discrimination and extortion by the IRS because taxation based on citizenship and marriage is outside the international norm and is only practiced by the USA. What else can it be but extortion?

  9. Dear Lynne Swanson,
    I fully support your amendment.
    I’ve posted a larger comment on this site but I wanted to reply directly to you. Not only is this law, clearly in my opinion, unconstitutional, it is also in conflict with the Canada-US tax treaty non-discrimination Article XXV which makes discrimination by the IRS against US citizens resident-in-Canada illegal.
    Further I think that taxation based on citizenship and marriage, which is totally outside the recognized international norm, is a form of extortion, especially when applied to deemed US citizens and their spouses, born and residing outside the USA. Could C-31 also be challenged on this basis?

  10. People who know me are aware that I am upset about the current Canadian government policies. I am not a person who only complains — I have a solution to our federal problem. Direct Democracy — replacing the outdated Senate system with a web based system that is open to all Canadian voters. Your issue is important and you could have one or more Digital Senators supporting it!
    Let’s have a referendum on this proposal!

  11. @Gilbert Tidwell: Welcome to the Sandbox.  This is a very sad Canada Day for us. Many of us have been Canadian citizens for entire lives or for decades.  Yet, we have become second class citizens in the country we chose.
    Thank you for supporting the amendment.  I offered that amendment in my testimony before the House Finance Committee.
    The NDP and Liberals put forward that amendment and other amendments. Elizabeth May also put forward amendments. They were all defeated by the Conservatives–including a very basic one that people must be informed before their information is forwarded.
    As you likely know, FATCA now prevails over all other laws in Canada except the Income Tax Act.
    Our recourse is now the courts and we are in the process of raising funds for a legal and constitutional challenge.  We expect this will be long, costly and brutal.  Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty is fundraising for this.
    Is it possible for me to contact you directly to discuss the information you posted here?  You can e-mail me at maplesandbox at yahoo dot ca.

  12. our canadian leaders are slaves to the american puppet leaders who in turn are slaves to the SHADOW government-wake up people we are losing our sovereignty to the incoming NWO-and there is NOTHING we can do-too late.does not matter who you vote for anymore they are selected not elected-your votes do not count-our MP;s have to tow the party line to keep their perks and pensions-we are being divided and conquered and we will lose our privacy and rights-very sad.

  13. Canada’s minister of foreign affairs publicly opposes the government of Eritrea taxing Canadians who were born in Eritrea. In the attached article, Minister Baird says if Eritrea continues the practice Canada will close the Eritrean embassy in Ottawa.
    The Harper government does apply a consistent approach to the extra-territorial American legislation – FATCA.

  14. I produce the More Than Money radio show for News Talk 770 in Calgary. Would Stephen Kish be available for a 10 minute radio interview on Friday, Sept. 26th at 11:30 AM eastern time?

  15. @ calgary411
    If Peter doesn’t see your post here, maybe Stephen could try this e-mail address:
    I hope the connection is made because I’d love to hear a Stephen-Peter conversation on 770. The John-Dave conversation was so good that I was left with wanting more like it.

  16. @Embee & Calgary411 – Not to worry, I made Stephen aware within minutes of Peter’s comment appearing. He’s confirmed he’s aware. What he does with it is up to him, of course, but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t take the opportunity, and that we’ll be hearing soon what’s happening.

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