April 1: US To Raise Taxes on Canada To Pay For Deficit

Before you read US To Raise Taxes on Canada To Pay For Deficit, you may want to note the date.
Unfortunately, the realities we are facing make it way too close to the truth for us to just see if as a joke.

In a bipartisan vote yesterday, the U.S. Congress sent a bill to the President’s desk that would raise income taxes on Canadians to pay for the hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue shortfalls caused in the implementation of various popular, longstanding programs that experts agree are just totally unaffordable.

The article says President Obama is expected to sign the bill.
Afiter what we’ve seen the past few years, nothing would surprise me. Maybe the Conservative government would even like it. If all Canadians had to pay to the IRS, then we would not be able to make a case of national origin discrimination.
April Fools joke? Not to anyone who is getting FATCAed by the IRS

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