Let's send Finance Canada OUR comments on the IGA

Below is a link to the Dept of Finance Canada site, with information about the IGA and how we CAN SEND IN OUR COMMENTS!
We need to JUMP on this and pepper them with letters and emails on how we feel about what they’ve done to us and our families. Note that the deadline is March 10th.
Email: IGA-AIG@fin.gc.ca
Snail Mail address:
Tax Policy Branch
Department of Finance
140 O’Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G5
“An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States for the enhanced exchange of tax information under the Canada-United States Tax Convention was signed on February 5, 2014, in Ottawa.”
Comments on the legislative proposals can be submitted to the Department of Finance at IGA-AIG@fin.gc.ca or to the address below. The closing date for comments is March 10, 2014.”

7 thoughts on “Let's send Finance Canada OUR comments on the IGA

  1. Wow, I just got a robo-acknowledgement from the Finance website in response to my submitted comments.
    That’s more than I’ve got from the NDP to my multiple emails to my NDP MP and to Mulcair and Rankin, on this subject. In marked contrast to Ted Hsu of the Liberals (see Blaze’s other post today and my reply).
    I’ve been deluged with funding requests from the NDP lately. I just sent them the following reply to the latest funding request. I urge anyone else who has been getting these funding requests to do likewise, if your experience matches my own:
    You know what? I am getting rather sick and tired of this barrage of donation requests from the NDP.
    For months I have been sending thoughtful, details questions and comments to Paul Dewar my own MP, also to Tom Mulcair and Murray Rankin, about problems I see with the recently-announced intergovernmental agreement that our government has signed with the US concerning FATCA and a probably unconstitutional and illegal exchange of financial account information on Canadians with the US IRS. I haven’t even received a robo-acknowledgement of my expressions of concern, even though Flaherty’s office has at least acknowledged receipt of my comments, and I know others who have received replies from Ted Hsu, Liberal MP for Kingston and the Islands, who has been on top of this file.
    Why do you think I will continue to contribute to a party which can’t be bothered to acknowledge my deep concerns and opinions on matters of public policy, never mind continue to vote for you?
    Get real.
    Your’re the official opposition and have more seats in the House than the Liberals. Hence a larger budget for replying to citizens’ concerns. Yet you don’t do as good a job. I’ve noted this fact in public web forum posts. This is going to boomerang on you, if you don’t clean up your act PDQ. Your job is to represent the constituents who elected you and whose taxes pay your MPs’ salaries, not to mention party members past and present who have donated money in the past. Remember that the next time you send another funding plea. I certainly will.

  2. Good to see youre still very much in the fight Scubert.
    Your planned FATCA retirement didn’t last long–for which I am very thankful.

  3. I contacted Rankin 3 weeks ago about green card status before I saw the government gave a get out of jail cards for “Green Carders”. I have not heard back. I think any Canadian government would have signed FATCA, our economy would be devastated if the USA applied the 30% withholding. How much and what do we export to USA. It also should be noted, that we have a much better deal than European FATCA who are in a much stronger bargaining position.The Liberals are in bed with Democrats. The Liberal signed that awful 1995 USA Canada tax treaty that allowed the taxation of Canadian permanent residents.
    “When asked what he thought of the support from the U.S. Democratic Party, and what it says about Harper’s relationship with the U.S. president, Trudeau replied: “You’ll have to ask Mr. Harper about that.”
    Think about it.

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