Another great find from George.  This one from US Congress on CLNs:

There is no obligation or requirement for an individual to obtain a CLN or otherwise notify the Department of State of relinquishing one’s citizenship.

Someone in US Department of State might want to inform US Treasury, IRS, banks and governments around the world of that hidden gem.
Calgary411 cross-posted our thread (which we picked up from George at Brock) over at Brock.  I am now cross-posting her Brock thread here. Joint Congressional Committee published report, 84-288-GPO-CPRT-JC-2-03-7-2, B. Aquisition and Loss of Citizenship 
Somehow I suspect this won’t help our friends in Switzerland, Britain, France, Israel and elsewhere. It may not even suffice on its own in Canada. But, it is definitely one more arsenal in our ever-growing Canadian military to fight FATCA.
It’s certainly one more thing to send to Flaherty,  Shoom, Trudeau, Canadian Bankers Association and others.

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  1. Thank you. Very interesting. Can anyone indicate the legal status of this document? Is it opinion? Is it authoritative in a legal sense? Governments can speak with many voices, not all of them consistent.

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