Global News: We're Not Wealthy Tax Expats!!!

Canadian data doesn’t support stereotype of wealthy U.S. expat says Global News.
In an article about FATCA, Patric Cain uses Canadian census data to bust the myth that we are all a bunch of rich folks hanging out under palm trees sipping champagne on the beach near our yacht. (When I look out the window, all I see is snow, but I digress!)
Rather, he found the highest correlation near the US border. In Ontario, that means, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Windsor and Kenora.  Hmm. I wonder how many yachts make their way across the Detroit River.

“None are areas with median family incomes noticeably above the national average.”

However, the greatest concentration of U.S. citizens is in western New Brunswick along the border with Maine,

Where median family incomes are well below the national average.

Mr. Cain quoted from Victoria’s post last week at Franco-American Flophouse.  This is the second time her post has been picked up by the media. The other was by French News Online. Congratuations Victoria!
Mr. Cain also points out:

In Canada, it seems unavoidable that a decision about FATCA will lead to a serious debate about national sovereignty – which the NDP seems to be positioning itself for.
In the United States, the Republican National Committee’s vote to oppose FATCA has given the issue a sharply partisan form.
(I’m intrigued to see the NDP and the Republican National Committee on the same side of any issue, but there you are.)

I certainly understand his intrigue on that point. Likewise, I find myself stunned that I personally am lining up with Republicans on any issue.

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