Why Congress Doesn’t Get It

If we had any question about why Congress and US media do not get the problems with FATCA, here it is.

In a bizarre Fox News Business interview, the conclusion is made that all the good Senators are dead.

We learn that the Senate is “full of millionaires with nothing else to do with their money.”  I wonder if they FATCA their offshore accounts.

Here’s what the panel had to say about some of the Senators:

Max Baucus is “a big cowboy.” (that was the only compliment!)

Eric Cantor is a “little weasel.”

Harry Reid is a “thieving skunk.”

Chuck Schumer is “dreadful, embarrassing.”

The interview veered off into some really weird on-air discussions of the personal lives of the panel members.

And, we want these folks to understand something as complex as FATCA?!?  We are doomed if we rely on them.

We have to keep the pressure up on our own politicians and media–who look fabulous in comparison!

21 thoughts on “Why Congress Doesn’t Get It

  1. Blaze Post author

    @Sad: Thanks for sharing your story. We have been encouraging US to stop stomping it’s foot on our faces for over a year. So far, as we squawk louder, they stomp harder.

    :Like Calgary 411, I don’t need or want counseling with my abusive, stalking ex-spouse.

    As I’ve said, my divorce was final 40 years ago. I’m happily remarried. I don’t want to reconcile. Fortunately, I don’t have any children for the abuser to demand custody of.

    So, the abuser needs to stop stalking me for support and a huge chunk of the assets that I earned, saved, invested and paid taxes with my spouse, Canada.

    So far, my beloved partner Canada has stood with me and told the abuser they can’t have my money. Canada has assured me they will protect me by not letting CRA give any of my money to IRS.

    I am somewhat ticked that Canada has not yet told the abuser clearly and strongly it has no right to review all of our joint finances held at our bank and credit union. Instead Canada wants to negotiate with the interloper in our marriage. This leaves me with a sense of betrayal at both my ex-spouse and my spouse of four decades to whom I have been completely faithful.

    Yet, Canada and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary April 27, 2013. Mr. IRS and Ms. FATCA are not invited to the party.

    Sandboxers and Brockers are all invited to the celebration. Unfortunately, I will be spending the day with my abuser (US). I will be there for my mother’s 90th birthday. What should be a great cause for celebration will be marred by staying with the abuser even temporarily.

    I understand you are in a different place with trying to work things out with the US. However, often abusers don’t want help. They just want to continue to bully. That has been common behaviour of US for ages and is what they the abuser is now inflicting on us.

    Despite that, we at Sandbox hope to continue to provide refuge to you and others seeking a safe place to learn, create, share and explore as we confront the bully together.


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