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As you know, Maple Sandbox is a gathering place for us to come together to share, learn, explore and grow together.

To stand up to IRS bullies, we need information as quickly as it becomes http://www.dreamstime.com/-image24675549available.  We need to learn from each other around the world.

I hope What’s New will be a building block for sharing those stories from the media or your own experiences.

What’s New will allow you to post articles under one central thread, rather than spreading them out through many different threads.  It also will give you the opportunity to share any other information you have with others.

Of course, some news and information will have still have threads of their own.

Please share your news, scoops and ideas.




679 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Lynne Swanson

    We may be ending another year with this nightmare hanging over our heads, some things never change.

    The Globe and Mail continues to call us “tax cheats” and “tax evaders” who need to “come clean” before FATCA reports us.

    Their law reporter says Tax cheats are facing a series of year-end deadlines to come clean,

    They spew Roy Berg’s usual jingoistic hyperbolic rhetoric. There is also a lot of incomplete information or misinformation.

    The saga continues…


    Invaluable ideas ! I am thankful for the info , Does anyone know if my assistant might get ahold of a blank ds 4080 copy to work with ?

  3. PatCanadian

    Just thought to add this. On CTV news today, there is a printed caption going across the bottom of the TV screen at regular intervals which states:

    “Canadian Banks began sending financial information on dual American-Canadian citizens to the U.S. this month with the United States searching for any Americans not paying their taxes.”

    There doesn’t seem to be anything actually said about this on the news station though which seems odd . Has anyone else seen this?


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