Two Person FATCA Protest Reported In Globe and Mail

Way To Go WhiteKat and AtticusInCanada!Two Mom Protest

First, they had their own personal RCMP officer at their two-person FATCA protest in Ottawa today (see What’s New thread for more details.)

Now, Globe and Mail has reported on it in Flaherty Says Tax Deal Near On Americans In Canada. (also see What’s New thread for some discussion on his comments)





54 thoughts on “Two Person FATCA Protest Reported In Globe and Mail

  1. Blaze Post author

    @Wondering: Well, isn’t that cozy? Just like
    the former U.S. Ambassador going to work for BMO. Has Nigel Wright landed a new job yet?

    @Atticus: As horrific as this is for developed countries, what is it like for other countries. The ones where all those American tax cheats stash their cash–like Ethiopia, Bolivia and Bangladesh.

    Do you think WBG and IMF will consider that? Silly question.

  2. Wondering


    Finance Minister’s Jim Flaherty’s top aide hired by Scotiabank
    Kevin McCarthy, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s chief of staff is leaving the federal government to go to a new job at Scotiabank


    OTTAWA—Kevin McCarthy, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s chief of staff and one-time chief policy adviser on the banking sector, is leaving the federal government to go to a new job at Scotiabank, the Star has learned. Sheena Findlay, a spokesperson for the bank, confirmed it has hired McCarthy as “a director in our Canadian Banking business, effective Nov. 1.”

    see today’s Star for more info

  3. AtticusinCanada

    Oh, the IMF and World Bank, don’t get me started! lol…Jamaica sits in poverty today and many other places because of the way those two illustrious organizations have handled things around the world. Utterly, without conscience.

    I’m not jumping to any conclusions as to why Flaherty is meeting with them in D.C. I assume it will be discussed. I actually really do not envy the position Flaherty is in! The strength of the powers that are leaning on him right now is not to be under estimated. He’s also got to protect Canada. He’s got forces leaning on him who care not at all for the sovereignty or rights of nations if they want to get something or gain something. What IMF and World Bank have done in the past to poor countries is vicious opportunism. I hope Flaherty is able to stay strong.

    If this isn’t about FATCA at all perhaps he will use the opportunity to mention Canada’s concerns. I am still worried that we are not kept in the loop at all as to what our government is doing? How are the talks going? What points are being made? Who is listening to our concerns and who is not? I’m gob smacked actually that such important decisions are going to be made and then just announced to those most affected without us having a seat or a view to the table very much at all.

  4. Blaze Post author

    Flaherty will likely be in D.C. October 11 to 13 for the annual meeting of World Bank Group and IMF.

    I think it’s important we follow Flaherty closely, but it’s equally important we don’t jump to conclusions every move he makes is about FATCA.

  5. AtticusinCanada

    @White Kat, I have protested in Washington D.C. before a few times for one other issue quite a while ago but, I wouldn’t want Flaherty to count on not being protested in D.C. After all most of my family in the U.S. are not but, a few hours drive from there. So there’s no hiding from this issue. If he does that and I find out about it, I will do nothing but, contact every one I know in the U.S. with family affected by FATCA and try mightily to drum up a gathering there.

    I understand the pressures Canada faces here but, the government needs to fully understand the pressures we will face will be ongoing and forever until FATCA is over turned. If they sign, we are the ones on the hook immediately.

  6. Wondering

    Flaherty has picked a turbulent time to visit Washington. Any clue as to purpose of his visit?

    The Washington Post today reported: “With a government shutdown looming in less than three weeks, Republican House leaders conceded Wednesday that they have yet to muster enough votes to approve a plan to keep federal agencies open. A vote on the measure… was postponed until at least next week after conservatives balked, demanding that any deal to fund the government include a provision to cut off funding for President Obama’s signature health-care initiative. Unless Congress acts, the government will shut down Oct. 1. The Treasury also faces a potential default as soon as Oct. 18…”

    Maybe he’s there to co-sign a short-term loan?

    1. WhiteKat

      I would not be surprised if he does sign the IGA there where he is guaranteed not to be ‘harassed’ by any Canadian soccer moms.

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