FATCA Protest Parliament Hill October 16

Two Moms in Tennis Shoes are at it again. WhiteKat and AtticusinCanada hope others will join them on Parliament Suspend  20091230Parliament Hill October 16 to try to stop FATCA.

Here is what AtticusinCanada posted in What’s New

Sandboxers! Our permit to protest FATCA on Parliament Hill Oct. 16th has been approved between the hours of 9.am. and 3 p.m. by Heritage Canada!


I can’t make it, but I hope lots show up.

39 thoughts on “FATCA Protest Parliament Hill October 16

  1. ArcticGrayling

    I don’t think Canada will sign.

    I think FATCA will whither away and die, and the Americans will come out of this with egg all over the face.

    Americans………Blithering idiots.

  2. Blaze Post author

    Thanks for that information Pacifica. I wish I could have been there. Many of us were in spirit.

    Atticus also posted the following under Maple Sandbox Rules, but I’m posting it here to be sure people interested in the protest see it.

    atticusincanada on October 16, 2013 at 7:01 pm said:

    Our protest today went very well! There were about 13 of us all together plus a few people who stopped by who have been reading about this and had heard about the protest from around the area. We had people there from Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Beckwith! We spoke with Murray Rankin, another NDP member and Ted Hsu! Several other people stopped by from Idle No More and spoke with me about this and once they heard about the issue were completely against FATCA.

    There was quite a bit of excitement with the scare today on the hill as the offices across the street *The PM’S office* were evacuated.

    There were lots of opportunities to speak with other Canadians and once again our RCMP officer was very interested and took a flyer as well as a card. She was not thrilled with the idea of the U.S. passing laws over our border at all.

    All in all it was a successful day and I was so pleased to see so many come by. Especially the lady from Brockville who had sent her story to the Ways and Means committee. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you to everyone who made it there from Toronto and to those who took time out of their work day to stop by. Thanks especially to everyone who printed fact sheets, brought information cards and to all who were out there today. As the NDP member said to us “You are a small group but, you are getting noticed and having an impact.”

    Thank you Atticus for all your hard work and efforts on this.

    Do you have a link to the information from the Brockville woman who sent her information to Ways and Means Committee. I know I’ve read it in the past, but we don’t seem to have a link to it here.

  3. Pacifica777

    Our protest permit ran 9 am to 3 pm. I counted 13 people (a 650% increase over the first FATCA protest, which took place in Ottawa last month — at that rate in 6 months we’ll have something like 980,000 protesting in Ottawa 🙂 Thanks to Atticus and White Kat of that first protest for organising this one! Protesters today came from as far as Toronto, Kingston and Brockville.

    We had fact sheets and business cards to pass out – we also have fact sheet/press releases on about 40 lamp-poles in downtown Ottawa, which are designated for posting, where they’ll stay til the end of the month (the city strips these lamp-pole “bulletin boards” twice a month – but we can put up some more then).

    We spoke with a couple of MPs and a staffer of Tom Mulcair’s, at least that I’m aware of, and many other people. With one exception, everyone we spoke with was very positive. The non-positive guy spoke with us in the morning (I mainly recall him speaking about the layout and grammar of the fact sheet) then came back in the afternoon with a copy of the Economist and called us all tax cheats. I actually found him kind of amusing, like a guy in a play or a movie.

    I found it interesting that simply while walking the few blocks to Parliament and back home again, that 4 people, who noticed my sign, stopped me on the sidewalk and asked “What’s FATCA?” They hadn’t heard of it before, but thought it sounded awful and that US law is inappropriate for Canada.


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