Anti-FATCA hits mainstream international print media

The October 12 print edition of the prestigious and widely-read UK journal, The Economist, has this article about FATCA, also on this web link

Good and balanced article. So much for the Treasury’s Stack of Lies. It will be impossible for the US to ignore this one.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, everyone!  (Not you, Stack and Obama …)

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I've had a CLN (Certificate of Loss of Nationality of the United States) since 1976, quite by accident (DOS mailed me one after I wrote a long anti-US letter to Henry Kissinger on July 4, 1976, telling him I'd become a Canadian citizen several months earlier and why, then confirming on a form I got in the mail that I had done so willingly - duh! - and with the intent of relinquishing my US citizenship). I filed the CLN away and forgot about it until August 2011 when I first heard about FATCA and FBAR and realized I needed to find the proof I am not an American in spite of my birthplace. My wife, who came to Canada with her ex before I did and also became a Canadian citizen, believed she'd thereby lost her US citizenship but didn't write Kissinger, didn't know anything about CLNs or the need to get one (nor did I at the time), and applied for a relinquishment CLN a few months ago. Until August 29, 2012, we were waiting to get her CLN, and it has been in her interests that I'm monitoring and occasionally participating in this and the IBS website. However, joy of joys, wonder of wonders, my wife's CLN arrived in the mail on that date, so now we both have CLNs. I will continue to monitor and contribute to this website as I have time and when I think I have something constructive to add, but after 12 months of Hell we're going to get our sanity and lives back, and that means a prolonged vacation from anything related to CLNs, IRS, FATCA, or any other such crap, unless it rears its head and threatens Canada and Canadians to the point where I have to come out of my corner fighting again ...

8 thoughts on “Anti-FATCA hits mainstream international print media

  1. northernstar

    Atticus In Canada and everyone who goes to the protest., I wish I could join you, but maybe the next one. Have a successful gathering. I hope the media pays you all attention.

    As for Canadian Thanksgiving , my first one in 1969 I went to a Canadian restaurant and had turkey. Then my husband and I went to a movie. We saw “Alice’s Restaurant”.. with Arlo Guthrie…I was to meet him 24 years later on my 25th wedding anniversary at the Ontario Forum….

    Once we arrived in Canada I never celebrated any American holiday again.
    I love Canada…It was love at first sight on Woodstock weekend from the Toronto bus terminal when I stepped off the bus.

    I am even more appreciative of my adopted country since meeting my Maple Sand Box and Issac Brock Society friends.

    I think FATCA has opened many eyes around the world, as well as the USA shutdown and soon to be default.

  2. AtticusinCanada

    Just a note. I’m about to head out to Ottawa today. I wanted to go down the night before so I will be able to be there as early as possible on the Hill. We are gathering at 9 a.m. by the Flame area and will not be hard to spot with our anti FATCA signs.

    I am going to laminate my sign by going to Staples and getting some clear laminate sheets. It may rain so please come dressed accordingly.

    Hope to see some of you there tomorrow Oct. 16th. Parliament Hill at the protest against FATCA.

  3. OutragedCanadian

    I’ve never celebrated US thanksgiving, and only have an idea of when it is, because my US vendors are closed that day every year.

    This year, my thanksgiving was not only for the traditional thanks for the good harvest celebration, but also that I live in Canada. Next year I hope to celebrate that FATCA turned out to be toothless and worthless!

  4. badger

    Sometimes I have had to educate Canadian-born citizens that the story of the Pilgrims sharing a meal with First Nations people was NOT a Canadian Thanksgiving story. Due to American books about Thanksgiving, there are some confused Canadians here too. Some will actually argue about it, and try to use the US books to transmit the story to Canadian children as if it was the root of the Canadian holiday too.

  5. badger

    I won’t be celebrating US Thanksgiving from abroad anymore. The celebration is now forever tainted for me. It used to be a celebration of my US roots, but now it would only be a remembrance of the US transmutation of citizenship into the punitive and far narrower category of ‘taxable person’. And I doubt that I’m the only one. Last US Thanksgiving from abroad – and what did we do? Eat and fret and argue over US extraterritorial taxation, FATCA, how/when to expatriate and why we hadn’t any answer to our questions put to the NDP Leader Mulcair. At least that is one issue put to rest now (re NDP party and leader position).

    Perhaps, from now on, US Thanksgiving will only mean a heartfelt giving of thanks for being delivered of the everpresent threat and absurd complexities of US extraterritorial double taxation, FATCA and FBAR, etc. hanging over like a huge dark cloud. And thankfulness for the ability to resume savings via TFSAs, RESPs, RDSPs, etc. without being taxed and penalized by the US, and without having to pay hundreds or more to have help with all the draconian and incomprehensible forms like the 3520 and 3520-A – and freedom from being compelled under threat to demonstrate yet again that zero is owed to the US, and to show what we already know – that once again, we are not moneylaunderingtaxevadingdruglordterrorfundercriminals and finally, that our legal local transparent Canadian accounts are only our business, and we need have no truck with the US IRS or Treasury ever again.

  6. Victoria

    And a very happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians!

    (you know, I’ve been out of the US for so long I don’t even know anymore when the American Thanksgiving is. 🙂

  7. Hazy

    @ Schubert

    Thanks for posting the link to The Economist article.

    The longer it takes for FATCA to be implemented, the more resistance will grow and be noticed.

    As the song says “Time is on our side”

    Happy Thanksgiving to all (it took me about 30 years to make my American resident siblings to understand that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving at a different time than the U. S.)


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