“Lot of Tension” with Canada. “Gaping Hole.”

This article is actually about Panama-US FATCA negotiations.  Buried in the article holemay be a real glimmer of hope for Canada.

A lawyer who has been advising foreign firms on FATCA says:

“There is a lot of tension between the U.S. and Canada.”

That seems to indicate Canada is holding out.  On the other hand, he also said:

“The Canadians have been really exasperated by the inability of the U.S. to have more concessions”

So, that sounds like the U.S. is not budging, which is not good news.


Treasury “is struggling to complete deals with China and Canada, leaving two potentially gaping holes in the FATCA dragnet,” tax experts said

Keep digging Jim Flaherty!


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  1. Blaze Post author

    I can’t get any audio at all. Either it’s my computer and tablet or my software.

    It’s weird I didn’t have this problem with the BBC or other radio interviews.

    Does anyone know if I’m doing something wrong?


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