If You Go, You Can't Come Back: Reed Schumer Follies

AC probably speaks for most of us:

“What kind of a game is US playing? Gotcha?”

Virginia La Torre Jeker has another outstanding interview with Bill Yates, former counsel with IRS. Mr. Yates tells us some inside information in If You Go, You Can’t Come Back: Reed Schumer Follies
Mr. Yates seems to find the implications of citizenship-based taxation funny. We don’t.
Thanks Badger for posting this in the Renounce and Relinquish thread. I have given it a thread of its own because it is significant.

3 thoughts on “If You Go, You Can't Come Back: Reed Schumer Follies

  1. At first, I thought this was a spoof article. To my dismay, it’s real. Yates is obviously one of those people that thinks they’re really funny – when they’re not. However, in researching him, I ran across another article (apologies if it’s been mentioned and I’ve forgotten), where he actually shows he has a really good understanding of how unfair and ridiculous OVDI and FATCA are.
    “The OVDIs caught up a whole lot of people who were totally unaware of their U.S. filing requirements. How could they have been? And, FATCA is hitting U.S. taxpayers living overseas with unforeseen consequences, such as having their foreign bank account(s) closed.”

  2. OutragedCanadian, the beginning of the article creates the appearance of Yates supporting the problem. Yet, towards the end it becomes more clear that he is actually critical of it, or at least that’s the impression that I got.

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