Hundreds of thousands affected by power blackouts

My heart goes out to those hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected by the massive power blackouts in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec.
I cannot imagine how miserable, and frightening it must have been with no heat and no electricity in the cold – for so long. Some were without power for over a week. That it’s been over the Christmas period, I’m sure just made it even worse.
According to the latest news this morning, 95% have had their power restored, but those that have power will now have to deal with the effects of the outage, such as spoiled food in their fridges and freezers, burst pipes, and all kinds of extra costs.
I saw some heartwarming stories of how people helped their neighbours, and how others helped strangers, just out of concern for their fellow human beings. And, I’m sure that the people who’ve come together here are out there doing what they can, as pulling together is what we’ve all, collectively, done so well. Sometimes I rant about how our society is becoming so narcissistic and egocentric – I’m glad to have been shown that I’m being too cynical and jaded.
I sincerely hope that all of you that were affected by the outages have come through with as little negative effects as possible. Be assured, the rest of Canada is pulling for you, and wishing you well.

4 thoughts on “Hundreds of thousands affected by power blackouts

  1. Our power was out from Monday at 2:00 in the afternoon to Saturday at 2:30 in the afternoon. House made it to -1 C in that time and took 7 hours to heat up once the power returned.
    I’m one of the lucky ones as about 7000 are still without power today.
    20 to 30 cm of snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow followed by freezing rain.
    This has been a wild winter and it’s only starting.

  2. Yikes Johnnb! That was 5 days without power or heat. Did you have water or did you have to turn it off to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting?
    Were you able to remain in your home? You will have a Christmas story to tell for decades. Did Santa make it through?
    Stay safe. Stay warm.

  3. Hi Blaze,
    Spent the first two nights at home but don’t have an alternative heat source so went to friends for the next three.
    Since the temperature was below freezing we drained the pipes and shut the water off at the well. Turned the circuit breakers off on pump, fridge and stove (power surge burned out control panel on the stove last time) and left.
    Christmas with friends – their friendship and taking us in was the best present we could have gotten!

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