This Week's News–Lots

This has been a big week for FATCA News. I have been busy with various r FATCA projects, so I haven’t had time to post them.
Here are a few. The first was the letter to Canadian Bankers Association posted here and at Brock by Pacifica and the news release.
Toronto Centre has a FATCA Debate scheduled for November 18. Schubert posted that in another thread.
Toronto Centre (whoever they are) also has some articles on their site. Anti-FATCA Movement Gains Momentum and #TorCen Candidates Need To Understand What FATCA Implies For Privacy Rights in Canada
Today, FATCA in Canada was the lead story on the front of the Caymans Compass: Grassroots Challenge to FATCA In Canada
Moving across the pond, France and US signed an IGA. This was expected, but it is not good news for Americans living in France. I hope Victoria and others will tell us what they think of it.
In Switzerland, Tina Turner Gives Up U.S. Citizenship–FATCA Wheel Keeps On Turning.
Petros and I were contacted by a lawyer-reporter for an article in a prominent international tax journal. It should be published the beginning of next week. However, for copyright reasons, we may not be able to publish it here for about two weeks after publication.
Stay tuned…
The big news was the protest in Toronto. The letter and/or comments about FATCA and Canadian Bankers Association were considered to be “inflammatory.” Protestors were told they would be arrested if they entered the building (I understand they eventually were permitted to enter to use the washroom or restaurant). Nonetheless, they were literally kicked to the curb.
They maintained their dignity and perseverance and smiled, waved, made eye contact with delegates. There were even able to chat with some of the attendees. So much for “inflammatory.”

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  1. This is a REALLY good sign! People are finally starting to wake up and take notice.
    Thanks to all of you who are working tirelessly to get this issue front & centre with our politicians and our media!

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