Order Paper Questions From Liberal Scott Brison

It keeps getting better and better.
Just as with Ted Hsu’s questions on Friday, Liberal Finance and Revenue Critic Scott Brison submitted an Order Paper (Q~127) with just as many questions on Monday.
Many of these focus on financial aspects of FATCA. The last two don’t, but are gems:

(yy) has the government considered the correspondence of Peter Hogg regarding FATCA and if so, (i) with what impact on policy development, (ii) with what conclusion; and
(zz) what steps will the government take to minimize any infringement of Canadian Charter rights by any implementation of FATCA?

Just like with Hsu’s questions, the government should be able to quickly answer most of the questions with just one word:



5 thoughts on “Order Paper Questions From Liberal Scott Brison

  1. Boy are the Liberals on a roll this week.
    Especially poignant and fun, is the fact that Scott Brison was a Tory, left the Harper caucus because it was too conservative for him, and became a Liberal and is now Flaherty’s critic from the Liberal benches.
    And of course they are excellent questions — and focus more on FATCA than on the IGA. Now if someone would ask the privacy and protection-from-identity-theft question — what protection can our government possibly offer against loss, theft, hacking or abuse of data provided to the IRS by either our government or our financial institutions?
    For a somewhat more-readable and more-clearly-formatted list of Brison’s questions, go to my thread yesterday on Hsu’s questions, and scroll down to Just Me’s re-listing.

  2. Even jucier is the fact that Brison was Finance Critic for the Cons when the Libs were in office–before he crossed the floor in 2003 just days after the Cons merged with the Alliance.
    The Cons detest Brison. I don’t know if that will work for or against us.

  3. Looks like Fatca and Obamacare are both screwing American. The original intention might be good, but in reality it is hurting Americans.

  4. I just posted this on the thread for Ted Hsu’s Order Paper questions on FATCA, but I’m also posting it here as it applies to Scott Brison’s questions.

    The House rose yesterday and we expect that the FATCA Order Paper question will be returned the next sitting day, which is now scheduled for January 27, 2014. It’s unfortunate that the government did not respond to the question before adjourning for winter break.

    So, once again, there is a bureaucratic delay to the government answering our questions.

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