We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest Growing–But We Still Need You

We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest is slowing growing, but we still need more.
Collage (1)Please join in. You can add your own photo and message or e-mail to AtticusinCanada and she will add it for you atticusincanada@gmail.com

We Are Not A Myth is not just for Canadians!

We hope people from around the world will add their faces to the protest. Show US Treasury you and your FATCA issues are not myths.
You may not have been able to be in Ottawa, but you can participate through the Portrait Protest.

3 thoughts on “We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest Growing–But We Still Need You

  1. I just changed the image on this post to be a collage which Em put together of all of the “Not Myths” in the Portrait Protest.
    You can see a better and larger version of the collage and all of the individual portrait protests by going to the site.
    Remember, we still hope for more “Not Myths” to participate.

  2. I love the collage of all the pictures, with the individual ones afterwards. This is so powerful — we absolutely need more collage pages made up of lots of individual pictures.
    Please, help this great project along. It just takes a minute or two.

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