We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest

I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing my photo by now. Here it is again.LynneNotMyth
AtticusInCanada has launched the the We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest on Tumblr. There is a grand total of three of us protesting there. I hope that number will grow.
You can join Tumblr (no charge) and upload your own photo. However, I joined Tumblr last week to sign a Portrait Petition on another issue (which was what gave me the idea for the Portrait Protest).  I had no problem there, but I couldn’t figure out how to move this photo from my Dashboard to the We Are Not A Myth Protest. I e-mailed it it Atticus and she did it for me.
She is willing to do that for others. Here is her e-mail address. atticusincanada@gmail.com
I hope this becomes successful, but I hope Atticus does not become overwhelmed.
You don’t have to identify yourself by name or location.  I did. The other two who have joined did not use their names, but identified themselves as Canadians. It’s your choice.  It’s great if you include your own personal message on a sign or any creative way you can think of to protest in your own way.

10 thoughts on “We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest

  1. I will be fine. If I get too many at once then some may need to wait a few hours before their photo goes up but, if you want to email it to me rather than join Tumbler it is not harder for me. In fact if you just join Tumbler I still have to find you and reblog the photo so either way works fine. 🙂

  2. Hi guys, just be sure it’s a photo file such as jpg or png. Tumbler won’t allow me to upload a document, pdf or other such file. Outraged Canadian thanks for doing this and thanks to everyone sending me their photos!

  3. Outraged just email me the photo with your wording on it or holding a sign. atticus in canada at gmail dot com.

  4. This story in Free Enterprise (see previous comment) is even bigger than I initially thought it was.
    This is what Tim said in an e-mail (Tim, we need you posting here!)

    That article was published by the in house magazine of the US Chamber of Commerce. A HUGE HUGE organization.

    So, We Are Not A Myth Portrait Protest attracted the attention of U.S. Chamber of Commerce!!!!! Even better, it was the lead for their article.
    We need even more “people flocking to” http://we-are-not-a-myth.tumblr.com/

  5. You and I were asked if something from our Calgary protest could be entered into “We Are Not a Myth”. I OK’d it and I think you did too. Is there one of the photos that you would release for that, Outraged? Thanks.

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