Saddened Is A Canadian Citizen!

flagFinally! After 36 years in Canada and a very long wait for her citizenship application, Saddened became a Canadian citizen today.
Here is what Saddened sent to me in an e-mail a few minutes ago.  (I’m posting this with her consent)




Congratulations Saddened. Now you need to change your name to Happy.   freedom next exit
Next step on the Road to Freedom is a CLN.


30 thoughts on “Saddened Is A Canadian Citizen!

  1. Hi Blaze and All, Yes I am VERY VERY HAPPY today, it has been along wait. Now for the next step to Freedom! Can’t Wait!!
    So Happy to Be Canadian!!

  2. Right, enough saddened. Time for a name change.
    Congratulations. We hope you’ll now be a Happy Canadian Gal.

    How about “So Happy to Be Canadian.”

  3. Welcome to your citizenship in what I’ve long considered the best country in the world! Ditch your US chains, and never look back!

  4. Happy, I’m delighted that you are no longer Saddened! Congratulations and well done! Now, the world will become a better place (at least for you) 🙂

  5. Congratulations! My wife and I have been very happy as Canadians for 45 years now. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

  6. Another congratulations. Exactly how long did it take from the time of your application to the swearing in ceremony?
    A couple I know recently became Canadian citizens after about a 30 month wait and considerable hassles.
    When I became a citizen in 1976, it took 5 and 1/2 months from start to finish and no problems whatsoever.

  7. @SwissPinoy, Thank you very much, It has been a long time waiting to get this Citizenship. I am extremely happy!

  8. @Hazy, Thanks Hazy, I sent my application in on Nov.1, 2011, so almost 2 years. It seemed a lot longer than that.

    1. Good Grief! Took me about eight months in 1975, if I recall correctly, from the time I completed my five years as a Landed Immigrant (I applied for citizenship the day after that date) until the date of my swearing-in ceremony. I thought that was a long time … the increase must be due to quite a backlog, or quite a lot of staff cuts, or some combination of both.

  9. @OutragedCanadian, Thank you so much, I appreciate your kindness. It is such a great feeling to finally be Canadian, the greatest country in the world..

  10. @Calgary411, Thank you so much!! Your support has meant the world to me, you are a wonderful person. I will definetly have to change my name.

  11. Saddened, I always had faith that things would work out for you and that you’d receive your Canadian citizenship!! I’m so pleased for you as I’ve mentioned at IBS. I am also very optimistic that your relinquishment will also go smoothly. 🙂

  12. @monalisa1776, Thank you for your kind words, it is a great feeling that I am now Canadian. I hope things go well with the relinquishment, I am optimistic but alittle scared, I guess that is normal.
    I hope thing are going well for you, wishing you all the best!

  13. Saddened has her CLN!  I told her she needs to change her name to Ecstatic.
    It’s time for Saddened-Ecstatic to do the Happy Dance!

  14. @Blaze: If I apply for a relinquishment I will be required to file 5 years of back taxes. Will I still be required to file FBAR? Thanks.

    1. @Scared:  I think you posted the details of your situation in another thread, but I don’t remember what they were or even what thread it was.  Can you advise again?  When did you become a Canadian citizen?  Have you done anything since then that would retain your US citizenship–i.e. US passport, voted US election, filed tax returns?

  15. @Blaze: I have been in Canada for 40 years and became a citizen in 2009. Thanks again.

  16. Forgot to mention. I still hold a US passport but have not voted, owned any property, or worked in the US. My life has always been fully Canadian based.

  17. @Scared: Because you became a Canadian citizen after 2004, yes, you would be expected to file five years of tax returns, including FBARs. This is not, however, a condition to relinquishing.  It is a tax requirement.
    If you haven’t used that US passport since 2009, you should be able to get a CLN dated 2009, but the IRS will expect you to file those back returns, including FBARs.

  18. Congratulations Formerly-saddened123!
    It has been a long road, but you made it!
    : )

  19. @ Ecstatic Canadian (formerly Saddened)
    I’m so glad your CLN has arrived!!! It gives such a sense of closure and relief! I remember “meeting” you on the internet like two years ago, so I feel like I know you and I’m really really happy! All the best as you move on with your life!!!

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