FATCA Forum Spreads Word On YouTube

FATCA Forum is on YouTube.

Nine segments offer a wealth of information and a great chance for all of us who were unable to attend to hear and learn from the presenters and the discussions.

I will post a link to Abby Deshman’s presentation on the CCLA thread.

In the final segment, Sinclair Stevens suggests we use the “new age” of the Internet “and “all that entails” to “bypass the traditional press” who are “in the pockets of the establishment.”  That, of course, is what we, our allies at Brock and elsewhere, are trying to do.  We need to keep doing it!

In his closing remarks, Jon Richardson, said the speakers all “exceeded (his) wildest expectations.”  He hopes that gathering will be the first of more.  He also envisions a “new institution” called FATCA Forum that will educate, “continue to spread the word” on FATCA” and “put the fear of God into the current government if it has the temerity” to capitulate to FATCA.

I, too, would love to see such a FATCA-fighting Forum and hope it would spread across Canada and around the globe.  Are any of our international friends interested in picking up in their countries?

Kudos to the organizers, presenters, attendees and videographer for a fabulous job.  Thanks again to NobleDreamer for posting her excellent synopsis so quickly after the event.



22 thoughts on “FATCA Forum Spreads Word On YouTube

  1. Blaze Post author

    I had a reply from Kevin Shoom at Finance Canada after I sent him the FATCA Forum videos on YouTube. Here is what he said:

    Dear Ms (Blaze)

    Thank you for providing me with your additional comments, and with the information related to the forum in Toronto last month. We will append this to the input you previously provided.

    I don’t know if he actually watched the videos, but the response was at least a little more than just a standard reply–i.e. at least he seemed to know what he was responding to (or his assistant did).

    I hope to send the Forum Information and the ID Theft section from the Taxpayer Advocate report to Flaherty, Mulcair, Rae, May and others in the next couple days.

  2. OutragedCanadian

    Added mine. There were other, very eloquent, comments that laid out the many reasons why FATCA is bad idea, so I just threw in my nickle’s worth of NO NO NO, the US should not be able to force FATCA on the world.

  3. Just Me

    If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new post by Nigel Green who is a CEO of an investment firm that has been blogging consistently negatively on FATCA.

    Here is the post: FATCA good or bad, you decide
    “Should the US force FATCA on the world? I’d love to hear your comments?”


    He is asking for comments, so let’s give him some, Please!

    Scroll way down on the page!


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