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US Biggest Tax Haven In World

Finally, someone besides us is saying what we have been saying for months. “U.S. is the biggest tax haven in the world.”

I think the author, Daniel Mitchell, is American.  At least, he works for the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C. His article was published in Switzerland, I believe.

In Janus Face of US Tax Policy, Mr. Mitchell asks the same question we have been asking:

How can a nation be a tax haven while simultaneously browbeating other jurisdictions that have similar policies?

Mr. Mitchell comes to the same conclusion we do:

Politicians are not exactly known for their intellectual honesty and rigor, so this disjointed approach should not be too surprising.

Unfortunately, the world’s biggest tax haven is not just bullying smaller tax havens.  It is also threatening non-tax haven nations, including those like Canada which has a 70 year effective tax treaty with US to combat tax evasion.

I suspect US politicians will not listen to Mr. Mitchell any more than they listen to anyone else.  As Hazy2’s thread says, Who’s listening.  I think the answer is nobody.  Listening is another trait politicians are not known for.